Trip View - New Feature

Trip View feature, offers a practical and visual way to observe individual trips on the map.

Default behavior:
If a user wants to see the track performed by a vehicle the Tracks window offers a range of dates where you can search for specific tracks.


Vehicle Trips and Idle - Redefined

Trip Definition and Idle Definition

We have now modified our software to give you an option to re-define a "Trip".

Until now, "Trip" is recognised when there is movement for the vehicle and "Idle" is recognised when the vehicle is not moving.

In most practical analysis, actually we are used to defining "Idle" as a situation when the vehicle ignition is really shut.

We have therefore made changes in the software to give an option to users to re-define "Trip" and "Idle". From now on, if you choose, we can redefine Trip and Idle for your vehicles accordingly - namely the system will recognise an Idle vehicle when the Ignition is shut only which also means that the driver is not "behind the wheel" and driver is Idling.


In Vehicle DVR with Video Cam for Security

In-Vehicle DVR with Video Cam for Security Purposes

We have brought yet another revolution in vehicle security with our high resolution video camera installed in your vehicle requiring improved security for passengers and assets in the vehicle.

This solution is highly useful and relevant for high security needs like school buses to protect school children from child abuses by miscreants, cash vans with loads of cash moving around for re-filling in ATM machines or even going from bank to bank for delivering cash. The security needs for these vehicles cannot be over emphasised.


Android Phone - Tracking and Jobs Assignment

Android Phones - Tracking and Jobs Assignment to Mobile Staff

Many organisations have filed staff for sales and service and most organisations need to keep track of their movement during the work hours.

The usual process for tracking a mobile staff - sales and service staff - is to get a GPS tracking device fitted in their vehicle and set up a tracking facility for their vehicles. However, we have come across instances where employees resent being tracked with a GPS tracker in their vehicle and also most employees do not like theor employers to keep track of their movement after office hours. It was an intrusion in the employees' privacy. And in many cases, the vehicles also do not belong to employers and there comes a difficulty when an employee abruptly leaves the organisation.

With tracking services from Ezeetraker, you can over come the difficulty here.


Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

When you use tracking application from Ezeetraker, we ensure that we help you not only locate your vehicle, but also Track and Monitor your vehicles!  And that is the key differentiator between tracking platform from Ezeetraker and tracking platforms from others.

When you use our tracking platform, you can set and help yourself to manage the  Maintenance Schedule for your Vehicles.

Maintenance schedules can be varied - schedule for servicing of vehicle, schedule for tyre rotation, schedule for oil change, schedule for battery maintenance, and even schedule for your vehicles Tax payments and Insurance payments!

And this is part of our solution for Total Fleet Management! 


Track Replay

Track Replay

You are already aware how to access your vehicle's tracks for the day on any given day or for that matter even draw the tracks from the tracks history of previous 30 days tracks. This was giving you however a static picture of the track followed by the vehicle - for the day or for any day in last 30 days.

Now, we have recently introduced a feature where you can play an animated track replay for the vehicle over and above the drawing of tracks.


Personal Tracker - Product Demo Videos

We place hereunder the You Tube links for the 4 demo videos explaining the product and its features.

The videos are an amateur attempt to introduce the product to the user and explain its features.

Please do not hesitate to call on +919819065599 with any questions you may have in relation to this product.

Video 1  Video 2   Video 3  Video 4

Route Fence

In addition to circle and polygon geofences, it is now possible to create Route Geofences.

The Route Geofence allows for creation of a virtual perimeter between two points. It can be used in order to ensure that a vehicle doesn’t leave a predetermined route, and if it does, an alarm can be set to inform the interested party.


Signal Graphs

The graph feature in Vehicle Tracker allows to quickly visualize all numerical signals in track points. The data can be any signal transmitted by a tracker such as Speed, Acceleration, Fuel levels, Battery level, or Engine on/off.


Map Based Searching with Area Search

With the Area Search plugin you can search in your vehicle history for a specific area. It is very effective and intuitive.

Select the Area Search tool and draw a rectangle on the map to get a list of tracks in that area for the selected time period. If you want to search for specific events that is possible too.With Area Search you can instantly answer questions like:


Video Tutorials

Video Guide

We had provided User Guide document in the downloads section which you could download and refer whenever you need assistance while navigating within the tracking application.

In this section we are also giving you links for You Tube Videos (3 parts) to act a Video Tutorials.


GPS Tracking – Explained

In this Blog we try to explain to you what is a GPS tracker and how does it work and what is the technology behind the GPS tracker. This is brief intro of the product to a user with no prior knowledge or information on GPS Tracking.


Highly Efficient

Data sent as frequently as every 10 seconds to the server.


Data collected can be viewed on a map or in a report form.


No special software required. Viewable over a browser.


All triggers for events can be configured over the air.


All data can be saved directly into Excel or PDF's

Great Value

Costs just near about the parking fee you pay over a day!

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