GPS Tracking – Explained

In this Blog we try to explain to you what is a GPS tracker and how does it work and what is the technology behind the GPS tracker. This is brief intro of the product to a user with no prior knowledge or information on GPS Tracking.


1. How does the GPS tracker work and what is the technology used?

A GPS tracker is a GPS receiver with GSM Module. The GPS receiver receives GPS satellite signals conveying latitude and longitude information and the same is conveyed to our tracking server using GPRS technology over the Internet.

2. Every GPS tracker must have a GSM SIM card?

Yes. The SIM card helps the tracker to communicate with the server over the internet.

3. Is there any barrier for signal reception from GPS satellite?

Yes, if the GPS tracker is not fitted open to sky or behind a metal barrier, signal reception from GPS satellites are affected. The GPS tracker is therefore not recommended to be installed under the bonnet/hood cover in any vehicle.

4. What happens when there is no GPS signal?

When there is no signal reception from satellite, the tracker does not have information about location during those periods. This is blank period.

5. What happens when there is no GSM signal?

As it happens in the case of your cell phone, poor network or no network does affect the connectivity with the server. However, most trackers are equipped with internal built in memory cards to store and subsequently dump the information to the server to prevent data loss.

6. The Antennas are external or internal?

There are both types of GPS trackers – ones with external antennas and ones with internal antennas.

7. Is there any advantage/disadvantage between the two types of antennas?

There are no disadvantages at all. Yes, there is an advantage when it is internal. It helps in total concealed installation and the driver or any body will not be able to notice that the vehicle has a GPS tracker installed in it. However, most trackers with internal antennas are in basic versions and not in advanced versions with additional features.

Highly Efficient

Data sent as frequently as every 10 seconds to the server.


Data collected can be viewed on a map or in a report form.


No special software required. Viewable over a browser.


All triggers for events can be configured over the air.


All data can be saved directly into Excel or PDF's

Great Value

Costs just near about the parking fee you pay over a day!

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