In Vehicle DVR with Video Cam for Security

In-Vehicle DVR with Video Cam for Security Purposes

We have brought yet another revolution in vehicle security with our high resolution video camera installed in your vehicle requiring improved security for passengers and assets in the vehicle.

This solution is highly useful and relevant for high security needs like school buses to protect school children from child abuses by miscreants, cash vans with loads of cash moving around for re-filling in ATM machines or even going from bank to bank for delivering cash. The security needs for these vehicles cannot be over emphasised.

Having GPS tracking alone in such needs in not sufficient as the GPS tracking only helps in knowing the location of vehicle and the vehicle status like ignition on or off, speed, location etc.

Besides installing a GPS vehicle tracker, we also provide additional hardware in the form of Dashboard DVR with Video Camera installed in appropriate place inside the vehicle.

The camera will come on automatically when the vehicle is switched on and will continue to record video in the memory card installed in the DVR. At the end of the trip, you have to only simply dismantle the camera from its holder or simply remove the memory card and play the video by plugging the camera or memory card to your laptop or computer.

Video recording is of very high quality HD o Full HD format.

At the end of trip, you have a record of the event as it happened in the vehicle - be it a school bus or cash van!

Now you know who stole the cash! Or who misbehaved with the child and at what date and time!

And this is improved security for your vehicle passengers and assets. And you certainly care for them!

Note: This is not a solution where the camera is integrated with GPS vehicle tacker. It is a stand alone solution and can be installed in any vehicle without even a GPS tracker. Unlike GPS vehicle tracker, there are no monthly charges. This solution entails only one time hardware cost and installation cost.

Highly Efficient

Data sent as frequently as every 10 seconds to the server.


Data collected can be viewed on a map or in a report form.


No special software required. Viewable over a browser.


All triggers for events can be configured over the air.


All data can be saved directly into Excel or PDF's

Great Value

Costs just near about the parking fee you pay over a day!

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