Vehicle Trips and Idle - Redefined

Trip Definition and Idle Definition

We have now modified our software to give you an option to re-define a "Trip".

Until now, "Trip" is recognised when there is movement for the vehicle and "Idle" is recognised when the vehicle is not moving.

In most practical analysis, actually we are used to defining "Idle" as a situation when the vehicle ignition is really shut.

We have therefore made changes in the software to give an option to users to re-define "Trip" and "Idle". From now on, if you choose, we can redefine Trip and Idle for your vehicles accordingly - namely the system will recognise an Idle vehicle when the Ignition is shut only which also means that the driver is not "behind the wheel" and driver is Idling.


How does it help?

With this revision in definition of "Trip" and "Idle", you can get accurate "idle" hours for your drivers. You will know how many hours the driver was engaged in actually driving the vehicle and how many hours he was not driving in a day. This information might be useful in negotiating his productivity improvement and his allowances for his actual work hours.

As a large fleet operator, if you set up standards for driving hours and idle hours, our solution will help you measure his actual performance against the standards.

Vehicle Idle and Engine Idling - Difference

The idle definition above is different from Vehicle Engine idling, where the engine remains “ON” without vehicle actually moving. In such an instance, your vehicle consumes fuel wastefully and is avoidable if it happens for large durations.

In a recent study conducted, it was established that engine idling is causing huge fuel losses and must be avoided by drivers and fleet operators. The study revealed that a total of 1 hour of engine idling in a day causes, depending on vehicle models, an average fuel loss of 3-5 litres a day, which works out to nearly Rs.300 a day, and nearly Rs.10000 a month and Rs.1 Lac per year. And if you have a large fleet of 10 vehicles, and the drivers idle the vehicles wastefully for an hour a day, please remember you could be losing Rs.10 lakhs from your fleet operations which is absolutely avoidable or could be minimised.

Please call on +919819065599 for setting up changes in definition of Trip and Idle for your vehicles and help yourselves in improving the vehicles productivity.

And, please do not forget to save your fuel costs by improving driver behaviour in controlling idle fuel costs.

It is your money. And it is important to you.

And Ezeetraker, as has always been, is keen to play a role to help you manage your fleet…a little more smartly!

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