Cash Vans & Security Vans

Cash Vans & Security Vans

Vehicle Tracking for Fleet of Cash Vans/Security
A specially designed intelligent solution from Ezeetraker

Ezeetraker offers SuperCop services - specially designed fleet management system with detailed and accurate reports for your fleet - the efficient and smart way to manage your fleet for better productivity from your fleet and derive:

  • Lower operating cost for your taxis
  • Better driver efficiency
  • Better driver safety
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Better route management
  • Improved safety for your vehicles and your guest passengers
  • Speed control and monitoring of your taxis on the highways
  • Vehicle safety by preventing unauthorised usage and unauthorised drivers

When you subscribe to SuperCop services, you will be provided detailed and accurate reports in the following areas to manage your fleet better.

Fuel Monitoring

Speed Monitoring

Vehicle Route Monitoring

Vehilcle Location

Vehilcle Idle Time

Trip Reports

All reports will be sent to your registered email address in easily readable tabular form.

Reports are categorised as daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports or even trip reports. You choose the frequency for receiving the reports.

Ezeetraker also offers any special reports which a customer has specific needs for, based on the data collected by the tracking device.

Besides periodical reports, you will also receive alerts from our centrally managed server, based on the set events - these alerts will be delivered both as SMS (on your registered mobile phone) and email upon the trigger of events set by you.

And all these alerts are on real time basis - as the event happens, automatically. There is no scope for human error as all these reports and alerts are delivered to you by our server.

For special Cash Vans, we can offer additional services with integration of camera. Camera can be installed at a place of your choice in your cash van and the camera can be activated through motion sensors for taking pictures whenever the van stops for any reason. These pictures will be instantly downloaded onto our server which can be reviewed for identification of interceptors, if any. This is a valuable integration which will be very useful to identify culprits if the van was stopped by any interceptors/intruders.

And, all these services come to you on a nominal annual subscription plan for each taxi in your fleet.

Special annual subscription plans - money saver plans - are available for fleet size exceeding 10 vehicles, 20 vehicles and 30 vehicles.

Devices are mounted on your vehicles by our professionally trained experts without cutting any wires in your original equipment - no risk of breach of warranty from the vehicle manufacturer.

Highly Efficient

Data sent as frequently as every 10 seconds to the server.


Data collected can be viewed on a map or in a report form.


No special software required. Viewable over a browser.


All triggers for events can be configured over the air.


All data can be saved directly into Excel or PDF's

Great Value

Costs just near about the parking fee you pay over a day!

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