Personal Vehicles

Personal Vehicles

Vehicle Tracking for Personal Vehicles
A thoughtfully designed economical solution from Ezeetraker

Ezeetraker Technologies knows how much you love your car. We know how it is precious to every member of your family. We know it is dear to you as dear as your family members.

Ezeetraker help you protect your car from theft and retrieve it safely when stolen.

If your car is chauffeur driven, you can even track your car while in custody of your chauffeur and when your family members are being driven by him for their shopping, children for their tuition classes, hobby classes, tennis classes or swimming classes, etc.

How do you do this? And how do we assist you?

When you subscribe with our SmartCop services, our experts will fit a special GPS device, without cutting wires, in your car which will keep communicating with our server on a continuous basis. Yes, your personal car will be now under a 24x7 monitor through our server.

As a subscriber, you will be given all reports and alerts about your vehicle's movements, routes taken by your chauffeur during a day, any route deviation made during the period (geofence control) etc.

Optionally, you can avail a RFID key tag for the authroised driver which will bring additional control that your vehicle can be started only by the holder of the RFID key tag.

And, most importantly, if your vehicle is stolen or driven away unauthorisedly by your own driver with your family members with malicious intent, you can remotely immobilise the engine though a SMS command resulting in shutting of your engine. The vehicle can now be retrieved safely along with your family members without any harm to your family members and your car.

You can choose to have double control on your vehicle both with RFID Key tag and remote immobilisation feature. You will always feel secured when you sign up with Ezeetraker!

Highly Efficient

Data sent as frequently as every 10 seconds to the server.


Data collected can be viewed on a map or in a report form.


No special software required. Viewable over a browser.


All triggers for events can be configured over the air.


All data can be saved directly into Excel or PDF's

Great Value

Costs just near about the parking fee you pay over a day!

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